Vijf Sleutels

De BMS biedt een inspirerende leeromgeving waarin kinderen samen hun talenten kunnen ontwikkelen. Met passie, plezier en met aandacht voor ieders eigenheid begeleiden we kinderen tot evenwichtige, zelfbewuste en ondernemende kinderen. Dit kind voelt zich goed in zijn vel en in relatie tot anderen. Hij ontwikkelt zijn cognitieve, sociaal-emotionele en creatieve mogelijkheden maximaal en integreert dit constructief en respectvol in de samenleving.

How many volunteer hours do I need?

10 hours of volunteer time are required per child registered in the 3 Year Old Tues/Thurs class and 15 hours of volunteer time are required per child registered in the 4 Year Old Mon/Wed/Fri class. These hours need to be completed by the end of the current school year in order to keep your Volunteer Bond. If a child registers and begins class later in the year, the volunteer hours and volunteer bond will be prorated based on the month the child starts.

How can I fill my volunteer hours?

There are many different ways to complete the hours required. There are volunteer positions in the classroom and out. Many positions can be completed in the evenings or on weekends such as toy cleaner or play dough maker. These positions are available to sign up for at the Annual General Meeting held in September. We also have special events where you can get yor volunteerig done in 1 shift. The Board Member positions require a 1 year commitment (July-June). Contact the volunteer coordinator to find out which positions are available.

Can I bring siblings into the classroom while I volunteer?

Due to licensing regulations the playschool can not have older or younger siblings in the class.

What does my child need to bring to school?

Children are required to bring a backpack with a complete change of clothing (that will stay at the Playschool in the event of an accident), as well as a healthy snack and water. Indoor shoes that they leave at school are also required.

When can I register my child for playschool?

Registration is held every February for the following school year beginning in September. Ads are posted around town and on social media outlets starting in January announcing the date and time we open online registration to the public. Spaces are given on a first come/first serve basis and waitlist are available if your first class choice is full.

Do I need to get a Rec Centre Membership?

A community membership is required to participate in prorgrams that operate within the CRCA building, and this includes the playschool. The memberships are purchased through the Rec Centre and are valid starting in July and ending in June of the following year. Vist the website at

Do you offer tax receipts?

No, we don't give tax receipts, but we do provide you with an annual statement of fees paid (provided annually in June). Please consult your tax specialist to determine if you are eligible to use fees paid to the Chestermere Community Playschool towards the Child Care Expense tax deduction.

What is your Withdrawal Procedure?

Notification of intent to withdraw from the playschool must be received in writing. To withdraw your child, please email our Treasurer at treasurer@chestermereplayschool.

One calendar month's written notice must be provided for all withdrawals.

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